We have implemented a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol into our system. This means that every time you access any of the pages the information exchanged between you and the website is protected from hackers. However, this protection works only as long as you do not bypass it. If you see a RED Background on the top of the window where the website address is displayed, it means the protection was bypassed. In such event, you must STOP what you are doing and contact the IT immediately. Under NO circumstances should you log on to the website or do any work on the website if the address bar is RED or if you receive a security warning message from the Web Browser.


June 2014

With release of site version 2.0 we started implementing new design and technology as the backbone of our website. You will start noticing that more pages get converted to new style and layout with each website release. We understand that it may get a bit confusing when navigating between pages of different design, but rest assured, we will try to switch the entire site to new design as quickly as possible.